Gamification and Video within eLearning

You may have noticed we shared a blog earlier this week on LinkedIn, entitled:

Three Trends in E-Learning That Can Help Businesses Craft Better Training Programs  by Ryan Eudy.

Although we regularly share blogs on our page this one really stood out as 2 of the ‘trends’ identified were Gamification and Video: Which we predicted in our blog eLearning in 2015 and 2016.

Eudy writes that although Gamification and Video have been in existence for a long time, now is the time to actually embrace them…

Eudy believes the use of games engages learners more (i.e. keeps them interested for longer) and one trend he regularly sees is the use of leaderboards and other achievement based systems such as certification.

In our blog we discussed our history of designing and developing gamification within eLearning  and how we noted the effect gamification had on the Learners enthusiasm to ‘play’ and learn.

The second trend we shared with Eudy focuses on the use of video. Whilst video itself isn’t a new concept the use within eLearning is growing, in our blog we quoted a recent Google report, revealing more than 75% of smartphone users now watch a video when it is available and 15% watch at least one video a day.

Eudy believes that’s because from a learner point of view the content is now shorter, more engaging and relevant.

In 2015, video was a common occurrence in our conversations – our clients feel video refreshes their eLearning, enabling
them to deliver bite-sized, engaging content.  In addition, a mix of video and audio with text overlaid allows our clients to cater for all learning types.

If you’re interested to learn more on Gamification, Video or eLearning in general do get in touch, we like to share ideas, best practice and discuss how we could potentially partner with you.

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