Gamification & The Apprentice Final

Spoiler Alert!, On Sunday night Joseph Valente was crowned the winner of this series BBC Apprentice  – something we predicted back in our blog – Don’t Poison the Client, which looks at the use of eLearning within the hospitality and food industry.

Although Joseph was our winner from the beginning, when we learned of the finalist’s business plans in the penultimate week, we did become very interested in this year’s runner up – Vana Koutsomitis.

Vana’s idea was to blend online dating with Gamification – something we feel has huge potential, particularly because we’re an early adaptor to Gamification. In fact, only last week in our blog eLearning in 2015 and 2016 we reviewed the hot topics in eLearning for this year and predicted areas we felt would grow in the new year, including Gamification within eLearning.

So why didn’t Lord Sugar opt for Vana? All the feedback stated how big Gamification is (and will be) as well as the popularity of Online Dating. His advisors certainly felt this was a big opportunity, however they felt the cost to build an app that incorporated Gamification would be significantly higher than his £250,000 investment.

It doesn’t have to be though!

If this is something you have found when you’re looking to create a fun, interactive eLearning course that include Gamification, speak with us. We create Gamification, eLearning solutions regularly for our clients and would love to show you some examples.

If Gamification and eLearning is on your agenda for 2016, we’d love to hear from you.

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