eLearning in 2015 and 2016

As 2015 draws to a close we at eLamb are looking back at the biggest trends of 2015 that affected our world of eLearning. 

New Industries

We have seen an interest in eLearning grow across a number of industries this year, however the Hospitality and Product Manufacturing have really stood out at eLamb. In the past both industries have favoured the classroom and face to face approach to training, however the benefits of eLearning and an LMS are no longer being ignored and are now forming a significant part of their training plans. Nearly all prospective conversations now begin with the acceptance that this is the future and as a result we have partnered with a number of new clients in the Hospitality and Manufacturing industries.

Demand for Learning Management Systems

The demand in general for LMS systems has risen in 2015 and it is predicted the demand will increase at a rate of 25% each year until 2018, making the industry worth well over £5 billion.

Forward thinking organisations now want to monitor both formal and social learning and a modern Learning Management Systems allows you to do just that. Our LMS system is built on DNN functionality allowing for a fully customisable experience, we also have built in social functionality allowing uses to share their experiences; this is in addition to our pre authored eLearning content and informal assessment capabilities.

Blended Learning

Across our core markets of Hospitality and Hair & Beauty the traditional method for delivering training is face to face and “classroom”, however it’s no longer always possible to operate in such a way. This year most of our initial conversations with prospects begin by analysing their current setup and identifying very quickly ways eLearning could be used as a blended approach. Often its quickly evident that there are many benefits to be gained from combining traditional methods with an online eLearning and LMS provider and this is something we expect to continue.

On Demand Learning – eLearning is requested, not pushed!

Compulsory training requirements will always exist and in the past that would be as far as our partnerships would extend however we’ve noticed more and more of our clients are now keen to
provide additional eLearning courses which is great for eLamb and the employees of our customers.

As eLearning becomes more of the norm, our clients are keen to harness the enthusiasm of staff who embrace it, there has also been an increase in the ‘on demand learners’. We have found Training Managers and L&D teams therefore want to provide as many resources as possible on their LMS system, this includes additional eLearning courses and various delivery methods such as; Webinars, YouTube Videos, presentations, informal assessment and challenges – see gamification below.

Designed for the enthusiasts and todays ‘On Demand Learners’ our LMS has two sections for your employees, we have a ‘my courses’ section where learners will find all of their compulsory eLearning and in another section ‘course search’ employees are able to search for extra courses and resources. The LMS also has “chat” functionality where learners can chat in their groups and share their experiences. In today’s world content is no longer just pushed, it is requested as well.

On demand learning is something we have seen a lot of in 2015 and expected to continue in 2016, but what else can we expect to see, what does the immediate future for eLearning look like?

2016 and beyond


Gamification will continue to grow; perhaps an obvious statement however based on prospective conversations, our existing clients use of our LMS capabilities and our eLearning creation creativity, we believe more blue chip organisations are ready realise the potential of Gamification.

The average gamer is now a 31-year-old woman, quite different from the stereotype of a ‘gamer’ 5 years ago. Games are now played and enjoyed by a much larger audience, therefore when you can combine good gamification with eLearning, the enthusiasm from the learner to ‘play’ and learn increases significantly. It’s certainly an exciting market for us and we have enjoyed making a number of eLearning courses that embrace gamification.

If this is of interest to you, then do get in touch and we can show you some examples of our work – our favorites are our very own version of ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’, ‘Deal or No Deal’ and BattleShips!

Video Learning

video eLearningResearch (Google’s Understanding Customers’ report) shows more than 75% of smartphone users now watch video where possible and more than 15% use video at least once a day and over 85% are never away from their smartphone. This has naturally transitioned over to the use of Video and Animation in eLearning, again something a number of our clients are already doing, particularly in our Health and Safety eLearning Compliance Courses.

It’s rare in 2015 that we’ve had a conversation with a prospect who doesn’t want to include video as part of their eLearning delivery. Videos give eLearning content a fun approach and allow you to deliver bite-sized and engaging eLearning courses, what’s more video used with audio and overlaid text allows you to cater for all learning types.

Social Learning

As eLearning continues to grow, it’s natural to predict that it will become intertwined with our love for Social Sharing. Our LMS provides our clients and their employees with the power to converse with each other and we predict that in 2016 and beyond eLearning will become more social among colleagues, courses will be recommended, rated and shared across our LMS as well as other social media platforms creating an interest in a wider range of topics and desire to learn.

And finally….

eLearning on the go, watch this space – literally.

That’s right, in 2016 you could be wearing eLearning. A lot of our 2015 conversations have included mobile learning and app creation, what we’re now starting to see is interest in the possibility of smart watches…could 2016 be the year we see eLearning making is debut on our wrists? Quite possibly.

What trends have you found in 2015 and how do you see eLearning as part of your plans going forward?

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