Sofa so Good

So I have been with eLamb for over 3 months and Sofa So Good. Excuse the pun, but I couldn’t chair less. I thought it may raise a smile…

During my time with eLamb I have been looking at our existing client list and identifying areas we can grow, my last blog Don’t Poison the Client focused on eLearning within the Hospitality Sector; today I am looking at another exciting industry for us: Product Manufactures, in particular Sofa manufacturers.

I recently purchased a sofa, which is due to arrive just in time for Christmas! Having visited 5 dealerships, something struck me as I was browsing.

• When I asked what the differences were between the ranges being sold, most of the answers given were about colour and sizes.

As someone who was about to spend close to £2,000, I wanted more than that. I wanted to know what material is used in the sofas and why that material is best. Most importantly which sofa would be best for mine and my family’s lifestyle.

Whenever I asked anything other than price, size and colour, the sales person had to revert to a brochure or computer and I started to wonder what value they were giving me in this process, other than a guided tour around their dealership!

So, why are there such gaps in product knowledge and what can Sofa Manufactures do to ensure their brand, products and USP’s are being sold the right way? How do they ensure they stand above the competition in such a competitive market?

eLamb is the answer.

We currently work with forward thinking Sofa Retailers, like Darlings of Chelsea who put together induction and continuous personal development training for their staff on the range of sofa’s they sell.

Darlings of Chelsea have an audit trail showing each sales person’s knowledge and knowledge gaps (which the fill) meaning their sales people are better educated than most other sofa retailer’s sales teams.

If I was a Sofa Manufacturer I would want all my dealers/retailers to have that superior education as it would mean my Sofa’s were being matched to the customer’s needs, instead of a competitor’s sofa.

It also means I could see where the knowledge gaps are in my sales channel and fill them more quickly.

If you would like an easy way to better educate all your sales channels and boost your sofa sales, call 01325 734 885 and ask to speak to Mark or email 

When the success of your business rests on people who also sell your competitor’s products and are not employed by you, how do you ensure you have a competitive edge?

Thanks for reading.

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