Don’t Poison The Client

Wise, yet seemingly obvious words it would seem to everyone, bar the candidates of 2015.

If, like me you watch BBC’s The Apprentice you would have shaken your head Wednesday night in disbelief when you heard the candidates say

“It doesn’t say it doesn’t contain nuts, only that it ‘may contain nuts’. But they all say that, don’t they? Let’s just go for it.”

Having common sense and previously worked with a colleague who had a nut allergy I knew  when the customer informed team Versatile of their severe nut allergy that this was the week 8’s banana skin. Of course the candidates obliged and slipped. Comedy gold for the audience but a very real problem for the Hospitality and Restaurant industry…

Since joining eLamb in September, ‘allergen awareness and the law’ has been an ever present topic in my conversations with both clients and prospects. Only last week I found myself scoping out an allergen eLearning course with a large UK based hotel chain. Their Head of Learning cautiously admitted there was a potentially dangerous gap in his employees knowledge and given the nature of high staff turnover within the industry, compliance across all topics including Allergens is difficult to keep on top of.


Just how do you ensure staff are constantly aware of the law and best practice? 

More importantly, how can you prove their knowledge?

Answer: With seriously fun courses by Elamb.

To explain, we specialise in creating Custom eLearning modules for our clients, many of which are in the Hospitality sector such as QHotels, Travelodge, IHG and many independently owned hotels – and right now, eLearning as a concept is growing with many Hotels who haven’t already embraced it, now keen to move away/compliment their existing face-to-face, classroom learning.

We create and deliver eLearning courses that are engaging, fun and effective for your employees across a number of topics including Food Allergen, H&S, Licensing Laws and Food Safety. We have even recently created a course on “Cheeses of the World”  for one client. You can see a list of our Level 2 compliance eLearning courses here

All of our content (bespoke and off the shelf) sits within our powerful Learning Management System – eLambLMS and provides administrators with clear visibility of their entire workforce’s knowledge and understanding, ensuring both standards required by law and the hotels own personal values are always met. Reporting also provides insight into further individual/company wide training requirements and audit trails.

If this sounds of interest to you, send me an email and I would be happy to provide you with some information on how we create eLearning courses specifically for our clients as well as a list of our current, off the shelf eLearning modules. 

To tie this up nicely, I’m backing Joseph Valente to win. What about you?

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