Charity Ironman

At 6am on Sunday 7th July the hooter will sound and our MD Mark Wilson will attempt to complete the Nottingham Outlaw Ironman.

The Ironman consists of 2.4 miles open water swimming, 112 miles biking and 26 miles running all in one go! That is the equivalent of swimming 150 lengths of a standard pool, biking from Newcastle to Edinburgh and then running the London Marathon.

We asked Mark a few questions!

Why are you doing it?

I am doing it because I like a challenge and because I am stubborn! Friends and family said I wouldn’t be able to do it but without trying to plug what we do at eLamb, I have always said with the right training you can do anything you put your mind towards.

Are you doing it for a Charity?

Yes, I am doing it for our client, TONI&GUY’s Charitable Foundation. I would like to raise a total of £1,000 for the charity but in all honesty I am thankful for any donations no matter how big or small.

You can click here for more information on the charity. 

Better still you can click here to donate!

How do you train for such a challenge?

Some people stick to a strict training regime which tells you when to train, for how long, whether it should be swimming, biking or running and how intense the training should be. Unfortunately many of us can’t work towards such a regime as home life and work life needs to be balanced…so I  just do what I can do, when I can do it!

As a headline though I would say I have run over 10 half marathons, completed 10 bike rides over 80 miles and actually swam 150 lengths over 20 times (plus lots and lots of additional smaller sessions)

What are you looking forward to the most?

I had been looking forward to the taper down the most (the 2 weeks before the race when you need to do very little!) but as I am at that stage already I think I am looking forward to the “banter” on the day…I am certainly not looking forward to the race the most!

What are you least looking forward to?

Out of the three disciplines the biking is my weakest but I am not looking forward to the run section at all, I honestly don’t know how my legs will start running after 112 miles on the bike.

Will you do anything like this again?

If my wife is reading this then NO…DEFINITELY NOT. If she isn’t reading it then…


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