Working with Mary Queen of Shops

eLamb worked with Mary Portas and BBC2 on series 3 of the hit programme Mary Queen of Shops.

How did it come about?

As a training and eLearning provider to Independent Hair & Beauty salons we are often asked by television production companies if we could recommend any Hair or Beauty Salons that meet their needs for specific programmes.

On this occasion, the production company Optomen called us to ask if we could recommend any salons to appear on one of the Mary Queen of Shops Episodes.

They gave us an outline of the type of business they were looking for and although John Peers Hair Studio was not one we recommended (simply because we had never met John before) they asked us to carry on aiding them.

What did you do for the programme?

Having been involved with the initial search and speaking to us about our off the shelf and custom eLearning and training with Independent and National Salons, Optomen asked if we would visit the salon with Mary’s team to give an overview and help with any industry specific topics that arose.

We met with John and various other people at the salon in Rochdale and afterwards we put forward our suggestions to help the production team put together their plan of action.

After that Mary did what she does best and worked her magic.

Does appearing on shows such as Mary Queen of Shops guarantee success through Marketing/PR?

No it doesn’t, it will help John tremendously in terms of getting customers through the door, although that is only a small part of what salon owners need to focus on, if the team don’t retain the customers and keep their interest alive then it will just feel like a flash in the pan!

Salon owners don’t just need to get their marketing strategy right, but also their recruitment, pricing, customer service and cost control strategies right too. On the bright side eLamb can help with all of that…OK we had to get a plug in somewhere!

What was the most memorable part of the show for you?

Strangely it was meeting Mary’s business partner Peter Cross, who as it turns out gave Mark his very first work experience placement in L’Oreal back in 1994…what a small world!

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