What can salon owners learn from the X Factor?

Salon owners can learn the most valuable lesson from Simon Cowell’s X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent shows…the importance of managing the probation period properly.

Like Salon Owners, Simon Cowell’s main goal is to attract the best performers and most creative people to sell his services and products.

Simon is rich because of the people he “employees”, because you and I buy songs from artists we like. The clever thing he has done is make a show out of you and I telling him who we like and who we don’t like…whose songs and shows we will buy and whose we wont!

You should do EXACTLY THE SAME with your new starters, introduce them to your customers and see who they like and who they don’t like…it may sound brutal but that is what the probation period is for!

Simon realises if he doesn’t get it right first time (i.e. if he signs the wrong acts) then no matter how much training or support he gives them he is going to struggle to make money from them.

BGTSo lets’ call The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent what they really are… a glorified Probation Period.

So ask yourself these 2 questions

“How well do you manage the probation period?”


“Do you gain feedback from customers before you decide to keep a new starter on”

Remember once they have passed the probation period all the statutory regulations apply for ending their employment with you…that is why it is so important you get it right first time.

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